Pennsylvania’s Emergency Management Services Code (Title 35) directs and authorizes every political subdivision (i.e. county, city, borough, and townships) to have an emergency management program that includes a trained Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC), an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), and a functioning Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with a trained staff..

Additionally, each municipality has its own Emergency Management Agency that is trained to work at the local level to set up and coordinate local emergency operations, Initial Damage Assessment Teams, and to meet the needs of the Incident Command.


All residents of Rochester Township, in case of an emergency evacuation if you have any special needs that would require the emergency responders to make special arrangements to assist you, please fill out the “special needs“ card you receive every year in the mail from Beaver County Emergency Services. Please fill it out and return it to the county. This is the only form you need to fill out to ensure that your information is secure and on file with Beaver County and Rochester Township Emergency Services. It will be used only for emergency purposes. If you should need to add to or change the information on your card, please contact the county at 724-775-1700.
Once again we urge all residents to assemble and maintain an emergency kit for your home with enough supplies to last for three days. As always, in case of emergency Call – 911
Coordinator: Tino Yaccich
Assistant Coordinator: Michael Mamone Jr. & George Yaccich Jr.